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Vietnam’s property market is heating up recently, thanks to strong economic growth, and a growing middle-class, after almost five years of a housing slump - but most important is the new Housing Law and the Law on Real Estate Business. These came into effect in July 1, 2015, and allow foreigners and overseas Vietnamese to legally own, sell and transfer real properties. It is estimated that about 70% of the 4 million overseas Vietnamese around the world still maintain their original citizenship.

Vietnam is proud to be an attractive land for FDI companies and global investment thanks to hardworking human resource and peaceful politics. To serve the demand of property investment and living purposes of international professionals in Vietnam, MODOHO firmly established its rental services in 2016 and gained remarkable achievements. We continue to enter into all the other sectors of real estate to serve this dynamic market.

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Real estate market in Vietnamese market still lack of transparency of information, creative business model to keep pace with the neighbor countries. MODOHO is the leading company who desire to bring to the market a global approaching methods on real estate information, initially in rental sectors.

At our website, www.modoho.com.vn we bring a professional consulting procedure to the real estate market in Vietnam by creating an information-rich and user friendly-platform to search for rental properties in Vietnam.


  • Accountability

    • - Finish assigned tasks within deadline
    • - Asking questions whenever do not understand about the work
    • - Take responsibility for all the work done
    • - Working together towards a common goal for the business
  • Cultural Diversity

    • - Enthusiastically works with all employees at all levels, capitalizing on their strengths.
    • - Actively seeks opinions and ideas from people of varied background and experiences to improve decisions.
    • - Supports fair treatment and equal opportunity for all people
  • Self - Management

    • - Prioritizes tasks by importance and deadline. Discerns what is crucial from what is just urgent. Adjusts priorities as situations change.
    • - Focuses time and effort on key tasks. Groups related tasks to be more efficient. Easily transitions between tasks and picks up where left off when interrupted.
    • - Completes high volumes of work, keeping a rapid pace without sacrificing accuracy.
    • - Meets and exceeds deadlines through efficient
  • Self-Development

    • - Proactive to update work knowledge and find the way to apply them in their work
    • - Applies own talents to work assignments, and hones the competencies needed in current job.
    • - Looks for better ways to perform routine aspects of job.
    • - Asks for and uses feedback to improve performance.
    • - Finds and maximizes opportunities for growth and development from multiple sources.
    • - Sees failure as an opportunity to learn from past results, and continues to learn and grow.
  • Problem Solving

    • - Frames problems before trying to solve them. Breaks down problems and identifies all of their facets, including hidden or tricky aspects.
    • - Shows insight into the root-causes of problems. Generates a range of solutions and courses of action with benefits, costs, and risks associated with each.
    • - Tests proposed solutions against the reality of likely effects before going forward; looks beyond the obvious and does not stop at the first answers.
    • - Evaluates the chosen course of action after it has been implemented to determine its worth and impacts.
  • Ethics and Integrity

    • - Respects and maintains confidentiality.
    • - Tells the truth and is honest in all dealings.
    • - Keeps promises and commitments made to others. Does the right thing, even when it is difficult. Does not yield to pressure to show bias or manipulate others.
    • - Avoids situations and actions considered inappropriate or which present a conflict of interest.
    • - Adheres to a set of core values that are represented in decisions and actions.
    • - Does not misrepresent self or use position or authority for personal gain.
  • Strategic Vision

    • - Sees where current trends will lead, and how they may influence the organization’s direction. Foresees opportunities that will come and go.
    • - Forms and articulates a clear picture of the future the organization should strive for. Explains why that future is important and how current decisions make or break the chance to reach it.
    • - Using a global perspective, reliably forecasts future needs and devises plans to meet those needs.
    • - Analyzes options and decisions based on long-term pay-offs or outcomes.
    • - Translates the vision for a program or organization into clear strategies.
  • Solution-Oriented

    • - Focus on finding solution and promptly take action to solve the problem
    • - Probes all fruitful sources for answers, and thinks ‘outside the box’ to find options. Uses the good ideas of others to help develop solutions. Seeks advice from those who’ve solved similar problems.
    • - Acquire a comprehensive view and able to handle unexpected situations
    • - Anticioate and plan for changing situation
    • - Engage people to common goals with clear plan
  • Customer Centricity

    • - Can describe customer's expectations and go beyond basic service expectations to help customers implement complete solutions.
    • - Delivers services whenever and wherever the customer needs them and responds timely to customer needs.
    • - Provides to customers status reports and progress updates.
    • - Finding causes when unable to deliver a requested service, and pursues solutions until the customer is satisfied.
    • - Seeks customer feedback and ensures needs have been fully met.
    • - Seeks ways to improve service delivery.
    • - Recognizes negative customer reactions and develops better alternatives.


MODOHO build and train a pool of nearly 50 client-oriented staffs to offer a delicate and headache-free services to professional who have been looking for long-term staying and high living condition in Vietnam.

Connect the property demand to the best suitable and quality products in the market by partnering with more than 600 qualified real estate brokers and agencies.

MODOHO prides itself on attracting and retaining the very best people in the property industry. We understand the intrinsic link between employing great people, providing them with a great experience, delivering great service to our clients and growing our reputation as a market-leading, global property services firm.

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